School Profile

Spotswood Primary School originally opened in 1910 to provide a local school for the growing community developing around the largely industrial suburb of that time. Previously children needed to walk to Yarraville or Williamstown so a local school was a welcome addition for the community at the time.

Gradually growing over the years, the school has been fortunate to maintain its large land size with well established trees creating a relaxed country style setting.

Spotswood celebrated its centenary in 2010 and the history was beautifully captured in a book ‘Lessons in Community’, by Helen Penrose.

Over the years several additions have been made to the school’s facilities and in 2018 major renovation of the school’s original red brick building was undertaken. This has delivered contemporary classrooms for our students. Our office and administration areas were remodelled in 2019.

School Information

Annual Report 2022