Welcome to Spotswood Primary SchooL

At Spotswood Primary School each of our 213 students is welcomed and valued as a member of a caring and educationally challenging environment.Our Open Morning wilbe held on Monday 30th May between 9am and 11am. For more details click here. You can always call the office to book a tour at a time that suits you. Jackie is more than happy to show you around.

Spotswood Primary School fosters attitudes, values and understandings to enable students to attain their full potential as individuals and as members of society.

The school's focus is to make learning a positive, successful and pleasurable experience by being responsive to the diverse needs of all students.

When your child starts school at Spotswood Primary, your family will be welcomed into a community where people listen and care about the whole child.

Spotswood Primary is growing in size and while we're big enough to run a rich curriculum with all the facilities our students need, we're small enough for people to quickly get to know each other. This means your child will be a part of a close community in an environment that is safe, friendly and encouraging.

The school has defined its purpose as creating an environment where everyone feels worthwhile, respected, confident and inspired to do their best. At Spotswood Primary School everybody is somebody.

Our school values are an integral part of the school community –

Care & Compassion – Caring for ourselves and others and treating everyone fairly
Doing Your Best – Trying hard in the pursuit of excellence
Inclusion – Including others and celebrating the diversity of our school community
Honesty – Seeking the truth and encouraging consistency with words and actions
Respect – Treating others with consideration and accepting different viewpoints
Responsibility- Being accountable for our own actions and caring for our environment
Freedom – Acknowledging that we all have equal rights

 Our school values are fostered by:

Encouraging and inspiring a love of learning
Celebration of the achievements of all students and staff
Promoting strong partnerships between school and home

For more information or to organise a tour of the school, please call Sharon in our office on 9391 1323. Enrolment forms can be downloaded here.

For information about the Premier's Reading Challenge or Mathletics go to our Facilities & Curriculum page.